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Effective IRS Audit Representation

Let John Meyers Attorney at Law in Columbus, Ohio, help resolve your IRS problems and reduce your tax liabilities with IRS audit representation. My clients fall under client/attorney privilege, which is unlike working with a CPA or enrolled agent.

IRS Audit

Notification is received from the IRS requesting an appearance in front of the IRS within 30 days of receiving the exam letter. The IRS is very strict regarding their time frames, so please contact me as soon as you receive an exam letter. The quicker I am made aware of the situation, the more time we have to prepare and decide how to best approach the issue.

Legal Documents - IRS Audit Representation

Simplified Process

I will set a meeting with you to go over the information you have and the information you can provide me. I will then review all the information and put
together a response.

I take over all communications with the IRS and keep you involved every step of the way. I will communicate what I discussed with the IRS on your behalf, ask for any additional information if needed, and we will discuss where your audit is headed.

Criminal Charges

I am able to protect my clients, no matter the scenario. In worst-case scenarios, I can even address and protect you from any criminal charges.

Contact tax attorney John Meyers in Columbus, Ohio, to defend your rights during this difficult time.