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Comprehensive Tax Planning

Maximize tax benefits with tax planning services from John Meyers Attorney at Law in Columbus, Ohio. For your added convenience, I also provide additional services pertaining to tax law.
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Tax Planning

Reduce your tax liability legally to the United States government with detailed tax planning services from John Meyers Attorney at Law. I provide tax planning services and specialize in wealth creation and wealth preservation strategies.

First, I will ask what direction you are intending to go. For example, if you have a home and a business location and decide to relocate to another state, I am able to advise you on how to best reduce your
taxes legitimately.

Additional Services

In addition to tax planning services, I also provide representation with collection matters. For example, if the IRS says you owe a specific amount of money, I am able to provide your income, assets, etc., and create a feasible payment plan.

As my client, you will be advised on what steps to take regarding wage garnishments and other matters. I can even ask the IRS to reduce your tax liability and any potential penalties attributed to the tax audit.

Contact tax attorney John Meyers Attorney at Law in Columbus, Ohio, to avoid many audit pitfalls that lead to financial difficulty.