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If you think that the Revenue Officer who audited your return(s) was incorrect or did not appear to agree with your income or deductions that you declared, you have a right to appeal the decision to the IRS Appeals Office. Many times, amounts assessed by the Revenue Officer is reduced to avoid the hazards of litigation. After you have finished your appeal with the Officer and still believe that you were denied deductions or credits you believe you were entitled to but denied by the Revenue Agent. You can appeal to U.S. Tax Court or if you pay the tax, you can go to U.S. District Court for a refund case.

Unlike CPAs and Enrolled Agents who can represent clients in U.S. Tax Court matters, I am able to represent you not only in these refund cases, but in criminal cases the IRS brings in U.S. District Court, which these individuals cannot do unless they are also an attorney in good standing in any state and also a member of the federal bar.

If you wish to discuss any issue confidentially with an attorney such as myself, you receive the benefit of the attorney/client privilege without fear of your confidences being disclosed to the IRS or anyone else unless you choose to do so.