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Collections & Levies

The Collections Division of the IRS attempts to collect the taxes owed to the government through a variety of ways.

For taxpayers who are unable to fully pay their tax obligations, the IRS will allow installment agreements to pay the tax over a period of time, but will pay a lower interest rate than most credit cards.

For taxpayers who are unable or unwilling to pay the IRS, the IRS will use a “levy” or a “lien” to get you to pay your tax obligations.

A levy is when the IRS seizes your assets such as bank accounts or wages to get you to pay the taxes owed to the government.

A lien is different in that assets are does not alter ownership rights and payment may be expected from the sale of an asset such as a home, car, business, etc.

Installment Agreements

An installment agreement can be made with the IRS provided you stay “in compliance,” meaning you make payments in a timely fashion and honor the agreement you have with the IRS. In many cases, this helps you the taxpayer by breaking down a big tax bill into many smaller payments and keeps the IRS from placing a levy or lien on your property.